Melinni "Mel" Taylor | Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor


Full Benefits Analysis


    Full Benefits Analysis


    The Benefits Analysis includes verification of benefits through the Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) from Social Security Administration, gathering information about benefits from all relevant sources, such as SSA, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, subsidized housing, etc., and conducting a detailed, in-person intake interview with the consumer to begin to analyze which work incentives could apply to your situation and the impact considering various scenarios (i.e., not working, working part-time and working full-time).

    Two face-to-face meetings: the first meeting to begin to gather information, begin to verify benefits and impact, give an overview of work incentives, find out important support persons in the beneficiary’s life; the second meeting toward the end to discuss results and next steps, to include the benefits counselor and beneficiary and beneficiary’s representative and other support providers as appropriate. This service is for individuals who feel confident they want to work, have a goal of working more than 10 hours a week, and may have an idea of the type of work they want to do. It is also for consumers who have been offered a job or are employed.

    This service should be completed within two months (on average), and is anticipated to take up to 18 hours for the benefits counselor.

    Documentation of the service will be provided which includes the following: a written Benefits Analysis document, a Bottom Line Comparison, and a copy of the BPQY. Relevant brochures and fact sheets will also be provided.

    Follow-up. The benefits counselor shall provide up to three hours of consultation subsequent to provision of this service without additional charge. If additional hours of consultation are needed and justified, the benefits counselor may request paid consultation on a hourly basis.