Melinni "Mel" Taylor | Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor

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We understand the Deaf and Common Issues with the Benefits

Presentation, Training & Workshop

For nonprofits, VR, ENs, and schools. We work with organizations to provide a specific area of expertise when it comes to supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients or the case workers serving them. As certified Community Partner Work Incentive Counselors, we are available to directly serve clients or support caseworkers of Employment Networks (ENs), nonprofits & Vocational Rehabilitation agencies.


We provide online video webinars as needed for anyone to participate and we cover a wide range of topics as such as: SSDI & Overpayments: How to Resolve them, Concurrent Beneficiaries: SSI & SSDI, SSDI & Social Security Early Retirement, and more.


We will work with you to answer your questions in American Sign Language, to help you understand any relevant information from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help you manage your benefits.


We will work with you analyze your earnings history and current benefits, and help you to better understand how to report and manage your income to SSA. Also, we can help analyze and understand the reasons for SSA overpayments and to help set up a payment plan.

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