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As a benefits specialist, we work with people who qualify for benefits like SSI/SSDI, Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps and subsidized housing. We help you if you are starting a job, want to increase your earnings, want to know how working can affect your benefits, or if you have problems with your current benefits.

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About Melinni Taylor

Melinni “Mel” Taylor, M.S.W., is a certified Community Work Incentive Coordinator based in Austin. Deaf and fluent in ASL, she holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Gallaudet University. Previously, she worked as a case manager and as an addiction counselor for non-profit agencies. Mel works with individuals and organizations to advise them on issues, procedures and matters related to the Social Security benefits program.

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Melinni combines her keen knowledge of work incentives with personal experience in disability benefits to help her customers learn the advantages of returning to work. She shows people how work will affect their cash and medical benefits, and helps them use work incentives to protect access to critical benefits when they work. Her customers discover that they are better off financially if they work than if they don’t.

Michael Dalto / Maryland Department of Disabilities

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