Melinni "Mel" Taylor | Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor

We understand the Deaf and Common Issues with the Benefits like SSDI & SSI

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ASL Benefits Counseling

For Individuals

We work with people who are currently on or qualifies for benefits like SSI/SSDI, Medicare/Medicaid, Food Stamps or SNAP, and Subsidized Housing, and the organizations that serve them. We help those who are starting a job, want to increase their earnings, want to know how working can affect benefits, or those who have problems with current benefits.

For Organizations

We work with organizations to provide a specific area of expertise when it comes to supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients or the case workers serving them. As certified Community Partner Work Incentive Counselors, we are available to directly serve clients or support caseworkers of Employment Networks (ENs), nonprofits & Vocational Rehabilitation agencies.